Tom Bund

After my studies at the Academy in Berlin, I taught Drawing at a College In London, worked in Graphic Design, the TV Industry and for many years as a Creative Director in Advertising in various parts of the world.

The one continuous red line that ran through all these changes in direction was my Painting. It gave me a sense of Focus…

My work has been exhibited at Galleries in London, Brussels, Duesseldorf, Sintra, Dubai and the Algarve.

I work is in all the traditional media, like Watercolour, Acrylics and Oil but I often mix techniques to open up new refreshing directions.

Essentially, my work is non Abstract and deeply rooted in the skill of Drawing. From there the Theme dictates the choice of Media and the Method that is going to give each piece of work its own integrity…

All art constantly aspires towards the condition of Music…So if a painting doesn’t Sing, it’s not worth anything.

Tom Bund

Tom Bund

Tm: +351 963 439 839